What Causes Cat to Vomit

What causes the cat to vomit

Vomiting in cats is a common problem that can occur in any cat. There are numerous reasons for vomiting in cats. There can be different reasons for vomiting in cats. Fortunately, vomit occurs occasionally in cats and there is nothing to worry about if your cat vomits. However, it is important for you to know the reason behind vomiting in cats in order to treat it.

Vomiting problem in cats can be serious at times and needs proper veterinary help. If your cat is vomiting and you are unaware of the cause then this article might help you. Mentioned below are different causes of vomiting in cats. In most cases, vomiting problems in cats can be easily treated.

Causes of vomiting in cats

1. Gastritis: It is the most common and primary cause of vomiting in cats. Depending on the extent of gastritis the cat can have diarrhea and also vomiting. In such cases, the owner should take her pet cat to the vet for the proper treatment. This infection can be treated by providing only water to your cat for 24 hours and no food. If can serve her a bland diet as well. Some gastritis infections can be serious and can cause diarrhea to your pet cat so take your pet cat to a vet for a proper diagnosis.

2. Rich diet: Some cats have a sensitive stomach and aren’t able to digest a rich diet which results in vomiting. If the cause of vomiting in your cat is the same then you need to serve her a prescribed diet. You can serve chicken and white fish to kitties but ensure that you don’t serve them wholly as otherwise, they wouldn’t get all the required nutrients. You can take advice from the vet regarding your pet cat’s diet.

3. Infections: Infections such as cat urinary tract infections, fever, and many more can be the cause of vomiting in cats.

4. Diseases: Diseases such as liver, cat diabetes, cat enteritis, nervous system disease, cancer, heart failure, gastric ulcers, kidney, and pancreatic diseases can also be the cause of vomiting in cats.

Treatment for vomiting in cats

If your cat is continuously vomiting then you should immediately take your infected cat to a vet for proper treatment. The treatment for vomiting in cats depends on the severity and its cause. If there is no serious disease present in your cat and your cat is continuously vomiting then you need to treat it yourself.

You can do it by proving only water or a special drink to your pet cat as that will help in keeping the chemical balance of her body normal. No food should be provided to cat during the such a situation and after she becomes normal, you can serve her a bland diet in small quantities.

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