Tonkinese Cats

Tonkinese Cats

One of our newest breeds, the Tonkinese originated in the 1970s in Canada, the result of a cross between Siamese and Burmese parents. It is a cat with point markings similar to the Siamese, but in the Tonkinese, these are much less defined.

It is also one of the most affectionate cats. Sometimes this affectionate quality can be a liability. Early in its life, the Tonkinese associates cats with people, and it has a tendency to stray dangerously closet cats. The cat needs to have its affection returned both in play and in gentle times together with its owner. It also enjoys exercise outside. The Tonkinese travels very well and enjoys watching the passing landscape.

There are five varieties: Natural Mink, brown coat with dark. brown markings; Blue Mink, blue-grey coat with slate-blue markings; Honey Mink, deep brown coat with chocolate markings; Champagne Mink, yellow-brown coat with light brown markings; and Platinum Mink, grey coat with darker markings. All have blue-green eyes.

The fur is short, soft, and shiny_ the body is medium-sized and slender, with comparatively long legs ending in small, egg-shaped paws. The head is rounded with a long nose, a square muzzle, almond-shaped, slightly slanted eyes, and large ears that are rounded at the tips.

Regular rubbing with a gloved hand, possibly dampened with water, is recommended to keep the coat cleats shiny. Diet is nonrestrictive.

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