Tiffany Cat

Tiffany Cat

A shaggy long-haired mutation of the Burmese, the Tiffany retains the seal-brown coloring of the former. Kittens of this breed, which originated in the United States, generally do not display this long-haired quality at birth.

Like its Burmese ancestors, the Tiffany is loving of both its owner and new acquaintances, but demanding praise, gentle attention, and playtime. It enjoys travel more than most cats, particularly when allowed to view the passing landscape through a car window. The Tiffany is an able mouser but adapts well to an indoor existence. It is generally quite a vocal cat throughout its life. It can live to a relatively old age, as long as 18 years.

The fur is long, thick, and silky, hiding a muscular and strong body set on slender legs and large, egg-shaped paws. The tail is long and shaggy. The head appears round because of its ample covering of fur, although beneath it is triangular, like that of the Burmese. A strong chin is also hidden in the fur. The eyes are wide and almond-shaped, slanted slightly. They should be yellow-gold in color. Ears are wide set, pointed at the tips, and slightly tufted.

Daily brushing with a soft bristle is needed to prevent matting. The cat generally has no special dietary requirements.


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