Singapura Cat

Singapura Cat

In its native Singapore, this breed is referred to as the “Drain Cat,” a name that reflects both its lifestyle and the low esteem in which cats are held by the residents there. In short, they just don’t have a fondness for cats.

As a result, their land’s native street cats have led deprived lives for generations, roaming the streets wild and often seeking shelter in drains. This lifestyle is probable cause of their smaller bodies, in comparison to those of other Oriental breeds.

Another result of its lifestyle is a reserved tempera Mint that reflects the cat’s limited contact with human affection. With patience and gentle handling, the Singapura will come to love human company and lavish its own affection in return, although always in a subdued, quiet manner. Its street ancestry also has equipped the animal to adapt quickly and easily to whatever situation it finds itself in, but it prefers peaceful indoor existence.

For the most part, the breed was unappreciated and neglected until American breeders took an interest in it and imported several individuals into the United States. While there are many naturally occurring varieties in Singapore, only ivory ticked with brown, and a white-and-ticked tabby bicolor have surfaced in the United States.

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