Peke Persian

Peke Persian

Actually, a variety of the Red Persian – the only variety – the Peke Persian is bred to have a face resembling that of the Pekingese dog: a short nub of a nose, a clear dent between the eyes, wrinkles about the muzzle. The variety is quite rare, as the Red variety from which it springs is very rare itself. This variety is quite rare, as the Red variety from which it springs is very rare itself.

The Peke Persian occurs naturally as a mutation of the Red or Red Tabby Persian, and it is encouraged in the United States. However, it is not encouraged in Great Britain because its compressed face is basically a deformity that can cause breathing, tear duct, and eating problems.

Apart from the face, the Peke Persian carries most of the Persian traits. The ears are rounded, small, and tufted. Its fur is thick and silky and of Red or Red Tabby coloring. The body is of the solid, cobby type, with short, thick legs and round, large paws. The tail is short and bushy, ending in a plume.

Generally a calm cat, the Peke Persian is affectionate towards its owners and others whom it has come to know as kind and gentle. It rarely shows its claws and gets along well with other cats, although it can have quite a bit of a temper. Life indoors is just fine for this cat, As with all Persians, the fur must be brushed daily with a soft-bristle brush to prevent matting.

Peke Persian is calm affectionate, sociable, and prefers an indoor life. It requires thorough daily grooming to prevent matting. Its special problem is that it can have possible respiratory and eating difficulties and overcrowding of the teeth, due to the compression of facial features. Running eyes due to distortion of eye ducts.

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