Of all animals, cats are most associated with folklore, religion, witchcraft, and the supernatural. Ancient Egyptians considered them sacred animals, and in Myanmar (Burma), people thought cats had magic powers. But in Europe, thousands of cats were killed during the Middle Ages because people believed they were really witches who turned themselves into cats!

Some big cats, especially lions, and tigers, have become known as “man-eaters.” Wild cats avoid people, and will only kill a human when they have no other food, are very old, or feel threatened by the destruction of their natural surroundings. the most famous case happened in 1898 when a bridge was being built over the Tsavo River in Africa. Two male Lions killed and ate bridge builders. Work stopped until the lions were shot. This case was an exception since very few wild cats are man-eaters.

When Tigers do attack, it is usually from behind. One way of filling an attacking Tiger is by wearing a plastic mask on the back of your head. This tactic has been tried in remote areas of India today, and it works!


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