Javanese Cat

Javanese Cat

When the breeding programmes for the Balinese were expanded to produce colours beyond those accepted for the Siamese in The United States (Seal-Point, Chocolate-Point, Lilac-Point and Blue-Point), the many different colours produced were grouped by Americans as separate breeds – the Javanese. In Britain, all these pointed cats are known as Balinese.

These varieties so far include the Cream-Point Javanese, with a cream body with buff points; Red-Point Javanese, with a cream body with light red points; Blue-Cream-Point Javanese, with a white body with points patched in blue and cream; Tortoiseshell-Point Javanese, with off0white body with points patched in red and cream; Lilac-Cream-Point Javanese, with a white body with points patched in pink=grey and cream; any of these colours in tabby markings (striped and spotted) on the points, which is called Lynx-Point in America.

The fur of the Javanese is long and silky. It lacks an undercoat and characteristic long-haired collar. The body is long and thin, with a medium-length, bushy tail. The legs are medium and thin, ending in round and large paws. The head is triangular, with a short nose, large, almond-shaped eyes that are slanted, and large non tufted ears that are pointed at the tip.

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