Introducing New Cats

Introducing New Cats

Kittens usually make friends easily and are quickly liked or tolerated by established household cats. There may be some hissing and posturing, but the kitten will quickly become part of the cat family.

When you are introducing new cats, they should be kept separate from the resident cat(s) for a few days. Change the cats among the rooms so that they will become familiar with one another’s odors. Use the techniques for reducing fear-induced aggression when introducing the cats.

Your veterinarian should examine the new cat before you bring it home. As because it might happen that the new pet cat is already suffering from some serious diseases that affect your resident cat. So, you have to take care of introducing a new cat or else it can be dangerous if you are not consulting a veterinarian

After showing her properly you can bring her home. All you have to do is to take care of the information on pet cat introduction mentioned below:

You have to put her in a separate room. Never mix her with the resident cat at the beginning because your pet cat can turn aggressive. So avoid allowing them to see each other.

The room of the new pet cat should be clean and provide her with food that she is willing to eat. You can try it out by serving your new pet cat with a variety of cat feeds. New cats need love and affection.
In the room of a new pet cat, you have to keep a plethora of toys. If possible provide her with playing objects which she will find interesting. Put one small ladder in her room so that she can climb on it and can have fun with it. You may also keep one door closed all the time so that she will go near it and try to open and close it with her paws.
Now what you have to do is to involve both of your cats in scent. As they should smell each other to get familiar with other. To do so you need to take either a towel or a sock. Rub the towel on the whole body of the new pet cat and especially rub it on the mouth. Do not forget that she is new to your family so do all this very gently and repeat the same with the resident cat.

Now leave the towel of the resident cat to the newer one and vice-versa so that they would become familiar with each other. Repeat the process several times for at least one to two weeks. This would help you to create an environment where your both pets would not feel strange when they meet each.

Slowly try to bring them close but they should be partitioned with a net so that they can not come in direct contact with one another. They can smell each other’s mouths. You can also give them their favorite treat in case they become aggressive. You can give them roasted chicken. Repeat this for at least one week.

You can have a direct meeting with both but you must also take care that they should not fight with each other. If they are quiet and not showing any anger well and good for you. Otherwise, separate them and repeat the process of familiarizing the cats with each other.

Introducing a new pet cat is not that problematic if you follow certain steps as suggested above. All you have to do is to very careful while introducing new cats and the resident cat.

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