How to Rescue a Cat from Water

How to Rescue a Cat from Water

Most cats are excellent swimmers, but even the strongest swimmer can drown if it becomes exhausted or falls through thin ice. There is a fear of cat drowning especially in houses where there is a big swimming pool. The owner has to take care of a lot where there is a swimming pool in the houses. If a cat begins to drown in a lake or pool, then how to rescue cat water, the first thing you should do is send for help. Then try to reach your cat from land with your hand. If you must swim out, try to take a float with you. Grab your cat by the tail or the back of the neck, or let it grab the float with its front legs. Hold on to the cat and swim to shore.

Once you are both safely ashore, hold your cat upside down by the hind legs (hold at the hocks) and give a few sharp shakes to drain excess water from the lungs so that you can escape the cat from the water. This situation can be life-threatening for the cat because it prevents oxygen to reach the lungs. Remove any weeds or other hindrances from the mouth. Just lay down the cat on its side and give artificial respiration. Check for a pulse. In the case of the drowning of a cat, it is very necessary to find out the pulse or heartbeat of the cat, as it might lead to serious life-threatening problems for your cat. If there is no pulse or heartbeat, immediately apply CPR.

If you find the heartbeat of the cat but still she is not able to breathe properly then start giving artificial breathing. Tilt the head back so that the chin will point in an upward direction. Take a full breath and put your mouth near the mouth of the cat to give her a proper seal. Leave your breath in the mouth of the cat. Repeat till you see a rise in the cat’s chest. After water escapement of the cat and providing all the possible aid to your cat, rush to your nearby veterinarian. You can telephone to your veterinarian and ask him/her for some more help while you are on your way to his/her clinic.

You can help to revive the cat by holding spirits of ammonia under its nose. When the cat becomes conscious, wrap it in a blanket or coat to keep it warm. If you rescued your cat from ice water, treat it for frostbite and hypothermia.

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Cat escapement from water is very necessary as it can be very dangerous to her life when there is a drowning situation. Try to keep your cat away from swimming pools, bathtubs, lakes, ponds,s, etc in order to escape a cat from drowning.

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