Cat Urine Cleaning Powders

Cat Urine Cleaning Powders

Almost all pet owners are familiar with the problem of cleaning cat and dog urine or any waste product left behind by the pets. There are several cat urine cleaning powders available in the market but are they all effective? The main problem encountered by pet owners while cleaning the urine of pets is the stain left behind.

Cats are nasty pets and do not necessarily stick to the right place when it comes to urinating. They can choose your brand-new leather chair or that expensive carpet in your drawing room. There is a lot of theory and advice for successfully cleaning the cat’s urine. We try and experiment with different cat urine cleaning powders available in the market but in 90% of the cases, stains or odors stay back.

Cat urine cleaning is not a simple process like removing a normal stain. It requires quick and immediate attention. If the urine is left unattended for more than a few minutes it can lead to deep staining difficult to remove. Apart from stains it also has a bad odor as cat urine is mainly protein based. Thus a good cat urine cleaning powder should be effective in more than one way. It should remove the stain as well as the odor.

All the cat owners must have experienced difficulty in cleaning their cat urine. You put all your efforts into scrubbing and cleaning the spot which re-appears after a few days.
Several cat urine cleaning products are available in the market. Some are in the form of liquid and some are in the form of powder. The ones that are available in liquid form take time to dry up. While the cleaning products in the form of powder dry up immediately and the result can be seen instantly. The cleaning products which are in liquid form also have the risk of water damage to the fabric. On the other hand, powders are easy to use and show immediate results.

Almost all the cat urine cleaning powders available in the market promise to remove the urine stain, but in reality only a few are effective. Choosing a good cat urine cleaning powder is crucial to keeping your home safe from the odor of cat urine and also saving your furniture and upholstery from cat urine stains. A good cleaning powder should penetrate deep inside the carpet to remove the stain and ensure that the stain does not come back. It should also permanently remove the odor of the cat’s urine.

An effective cat urine cleaning product should contain good quality of cleaning agents in the form of enzymes or chemicals that can work on any fabric or material. It should be able to work on mattresses, leather furniture, or synthetic and woolen carpets.

Some of the effective brands of cat urine cleaning powder are mentioned below:

  • Planet Urine’s UrineOut Powder
  • Anti Icky Poo
  • OdorXit

Petrotech Odor Eliminator

Cat urine cleaning powders are affordable products and render a lot of peace to cat owners. So now if your cat pees on your expensive carpet don’t get irritated and shout at her. But rather keep a cleaning powder at home.

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