Cat Toad Poisoning

Cat Toad Poisoning

Bufo toads are slow-moving creatures and a cat may pick one up in its mouth. The wart-like salivary glands on the back of the toad’s neck release a poison that after being rapidly absorbed through the cat’s mouth and stomach lining causes heart irregularities. Within minutes, the cat will shake its head, salivate profusely, and become uncoordinated. The breathing and heart rates become rapid.

Collapse, convulsions, and death can occur within fifteen minutes.

Cat Toad Poisoning Home Remedies

Wash out your cat’s mouth with a hose immediately if you see that contact has been made with a Bubo toad. Be sure not to tilt the head in the air as you do so, or water may go down the cat’s breathing tubes. See your veterinarian immediately.

Cat Toad Poisoning Treatment

Intravenous drugs will be administered to correct heart irregularities. If you have already rinsed out the cat’s mouth yourself and have managed to get the cat to the veterinarian quickly, your cat has the best chance of survival.

Cat Toad Poisoning Symptoms

The following are some symptoms of cat toad poisoning that would help you to detect the poisoning of your cat at an early stage.

  • You will find that the pet is experiencing heavy drooling which can sometimes be foamy.
  • The pet would shake its head as if it is trying to get rid of the sensation of irritation.
  • The pet cat might also start crying out of restlessness.
  • In case of serious poisoning, the pet would find difficulty walking properly. You would find the pet to be staggering or have an uncoordinated walking rhythm.
  • In extreme cases, the animal can not even walk or stand properly.
  • In the severest most cases the death of the pet might take place.
  • The degree of the above symptoms depends upon the severity of the cat toad poisoning. Cat toad poisoning can often bring your pet to a state of shock. If you find your cat to be in shock you may try out the following steps.
  • Handle your cat gently and try to make it feel comfortable. If it gets exceedingly nervous wait for the right moment to attend to the pet.
  • Try to flush out the contents of the mouth of cat. But be careful not to choke the throat by pouring excess water.
  • Also, rinse and clean the eyes of the cat by directly pouring water into them.
  • If your cat gets unconscious try to warp it with a towel or a jacket to keep it warm. This might help the cat to come back from the state of unconsciousness.

Take your pet cat immediately to the vet clinic the moment you realize that it has been poisoned by a toad. As a note of safety, the owners are advised to handle the poison-infected pets carefully as they can out to be vicious animals under the effect of poisoning. Be affectionate but also at the same time extremely cautious while attending and taking your pet to the vet doctor for treatment.

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