Cat Temperature

Cat Temperature

Temperature is the degree of hotness or coldness of anybody that we can measure with the help of a thermometer. The same is with the body of a cat. Normally the body temperature of a cat lies between 101 °F to 102 °F and cat temperature lies between 38 °C to 39 °C. Generally, the cat loves sunny days and likes to sleep or roam outside on a warm day. It shows excitement to warmness as the cat is very closely related to the desert area. Due to this reason, they do not feel uneasy, or uncomfortable and can survive easily up to 52 °C temperature.

A cat can belong to any type of breed, it can relate to Norwegian Forest or it can relate to Maine Coon. These cats develop heavy hair, and coats of fur in comparison to other cats in the cold season. They fight to maintain a temperature of 39 °C (102°F) when their body is wet. But some breeds are very fond of water like Turkish Van, Abyssinians, and Bengal.

If your cat is ill or sick firstly you have to check the causes of her illness. There might be a possibility that she is not physically fit and in this case, you have to check her from outside. If you find her completely all right then you should check for her fever. The fever you can check with the help of a thermometer, there are different types of thermometers available to take cat temperature. We can check cat temperature either with the help of a rectal thermometer or with the help of a mercury thermometer. There is one more thermometer available to take a cat’s body temperature which is an ear thermometer.

An ear thermometer is used in the ear to measure the temperature. We use an ear thermometer because it is good as it measures the brain’s blood temperature. Ear thermometer works on the principle of measuring infrared heat waves that come directly from an ear area. You can use a mercury thermometer also but before you use it shakes it well. Put some lubricants on it like petroleum jelly, or other water-based lubricants, and then you can use it. Now the question arises of how to take the temperature of the body of a cat with the help of a thermometer. Here you will find the solution:

How to Take Cat Temperature

  • – Use a rectal thermometer, which has a rounded, stubby tip. Shake it down first by holding it between your thumb and index finger and snapping your wrist.
  • – Apply Vaseline or mineral oil to the bulb.
  • – Restrain the cat. It is advisable to have someone hold the back end of your pet while you hold the tail and the thermometer so that your pet cannot move from side to side or up and down and break the thermometer.
  • – Lift the tail, gently slide the thermometer into the anus, and leave it in for three minutes.
  • – Remove the thermometer and read the mercury level.
  • – Clean your thermometer well, wash it well with warm water, and use soap also to wash it, the soap should be disinfectant.
  • – You can also use a digital thermometer, which is easier to read and will give a beep when it will be ready to use.
  • – If you see that the body temperature of the cat is 105 °F then it is a dangerous stage and you should call your veterinarian immediately.

Cat temperature is very important to take when your cat is in fever and all you need is to take care of it. If you find your cat has a high body temperature then consult your veterinarian soon.

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