Cat Snake Bite

Cat Snake Bite

Cats are not bitten by snakes very often because they are “street smart” and usually stay away from poisonous snakes. Snake venom attacks the blood cells or nervous system and can cause immediate pain, severe swelling, and weakness. Vomiting, diarrhea, bleeding from the nose and anus, paralysis, convulsions, and coma are the immediate effects of a cat snake bite.

Cat Snake Bite Home Remedies

Identify the snake by check-in the fang marks. A poisonous snake usually leaves just two marks (fangs) on the skin. A non-poisonous snake usually leaves U-shaped teeth marks, and the bite is not very painful.

If the snake is poisonous, apply a tourniquet between the bite and the heart. You should be able to get one finger under the tourniquet so that the wound can ooze slightly. Leave the tourniquet on for one to two hours maximum. Keep your cat quiet and lying down. Clip the hair over the wound with scissors. Apply alcohol to the wound and make a hollow linear (not X-shaped) cut over the fang marks using a flame-sterilized knife or razor. Use a suction cup to suck out the venom. You can use your mouth also – but only if there are no open sores in or around your mouth. Spit out the venom – do not swallow it. Repeat for fifteen minutes. Leaving the tourniquet on, wash the wound with soap and water and apply cold compresses. Clean the wound with alcohol.

  • If your cat is struggling too much, just apply a tourniquet and see the veterinarian as quickly as possible.
  • If the snake was nonpoisonous, apply cold compresses and clean the wound with soap, water, and alcohol.

Cat Snake Bite Treatment

Hospitalization will be necessary. Additional suction of the wound will be done. Ice packs will be applied to decrease pain and tissue damage. Antivenin, if available, will be given to neutralize the venom. Shock treatment, antibiotics, fluids, steroids, and possibly oxygen may be needed.


Keep your pet away from known snake-infested areas. Keep an antivenin kit handy. Prevention of snake bites would probably be the best possible way to keep your snake stay cured of venomous bites. You may take up the following tips to protect your pet cat from snake bites.

Always keep your house and garden clean. Do now allow the growth of long or overgrown plants there.
Keep the garden ground free from junk debris, corrugated iron sheets, building materials, and such.
Avoid staying in a house that does not have a long and large lawn. This increases the incidence of snakes.
Do not dispose of or abandon containers of water around your house premises.
If you have a shed at one corner of the lawn try to keep it clean and free from rodents as they are common prey of snakes.

To keep your garden free from rodents you are also required to remove the fruits that have fallen from trees.
Try not to keep piled wooden objects at home, especially during the summer season. If at all you have to keep them then store them in a place that is far away from your residence and out of reach of your children and pets.
Do not keep any rocks or large-sized stones to beautify your garden. Snakes get a good place to hide amidst the rockeries.

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