Cat Skin Diseases

Cat Skin Diseases

Cat skin disease is a common problem among cats. The most challenging task in maintaining a cat’s skin is the timely detection of skin disorders. The majority of the cat breed has lots of furs which makes it difficult to identify if the cat is suffering from skin problems.

In this article, we will discuss some of the common skin problems among cats and guidelines to deal with a cat’s skin disorder. Skin disease can sometimes take very ugly shapes and is difficult to deal with if not treated on time.

Some common skin diseases among cats are as follows:

Atopy: Atopy is very common among cats. It is a kind of allergy that is caused by inhaling dust pollens, mold spores, etc. The first symptom of this disease is itching. Cats who suffer from this disease excessively scratch their body. In acute cases, bald spots are also caused. Atopy is a treatable disease and can be prevented by identifying the source of the allergy.

Ringworm: Ringworm is a skin disorder in cats that needs serious attention. It is very contagious and gets transmitted to owners too.

In ringworm, a bald patch, circular in shape and red in color can be seen on the body of the cat. The patch is flaky in texture. The source of ringworm is a fungus called Microsporum can is. Ringworm does not easily respond to disinfectant and stays for a long time on the body. Prolonged administration of oral medicine, topical anti-fungal ointment, and disinfectant bath reduce ringworm gradually. However, in some cases, these fungal infections take as long as six months to disappear. The owner should take extra care to protect other pets at home from the one infected and also keep the children away from the cat suffering from ringworm.

Cat skin disease due to food allergy: Food allergy is very common among cats. Cats suffering from food allergies can develop itching in the facial area, feet, and ears, as well as other symptoms. It becomes difficult for the owner to decide which food is causing the allergy. If any such symptoms develop then it is best to stop the food that the cat is eating and try some different home-cooked food.

Tips to deal with cat skin diseases:

Owners should maintain perfect hygiene at home, especially in the place where the cat sleeps and eats. Leftover cat food should be immediately removed and the mattress should be frequently washed.
There should be no compromise on the personal hygiene of the cats. Regular bathing with the right soap is very important.

For the timely detection of cat skin diseases, the owner should make it a point to thoroughly feel the skin of the cat under the fur. In case the owner feels any rough patch, dryness of skin, or scabby bumps then the cat should be shown to a veterinarian.

Cats might stay restless upset or irritated due to a skin disorder. In many cases, the hair or fur of the cat starts falling due to a skin disorder. If you feel any such symptoms then immediate help from a doctor should be sought.
Animals are speechless so it is difficult to ascertain their problems. With proper attention and frequent visit to a veterinary the owners can ensure safety from cat skin diseases.

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