Cat Pregnancy and Birth

Cat Pregnancy and Birth

In cat pregnancy and birth, introduce your queen to the maternity box two weeks before delivery. It should be large enough for the cat to stretch out and nurse the kittens comfortably. The sides should be high enough to keep the kittens inside, but low enough for the mother to get in and out. Line the bottom with several layers of newspaper, towels, or sheets, but whatever is used, clean the box regularly. Be sure that any material that lines the bottom goes to the edge of the box so that the newborn kittens will not get caught underneath smoother.

Taking care of a pregnant cat is very important. The temperature in the maternity box should be about 80°F because in kitten birth chilling is a frequent cause of kitten mortality. Since newborn kittens have a difficult time regulating their temperature, a 250-watt infrared (heat) bulb can be placed above the box, so that half of the box is heated. (Otherwise, a nearby radiator or electric heater may be adequate.) Attach a thermometer to the box to monitor the temperature. In cat pregnancy and birth, the “delivery room” should be a familiar area – perhaps the cat’s regular sleeping area – as long as it’s warm and draft-free. Place the maternity box there.

After all your preparations for the birth and pregnancy of a cat, the mother cat may just decide that your bed or closet is the best choice! If this happens, gently place it back in the maternity box. If the cat still insists on delivering elsewhere let it. You can move the mother and kittens back to the box later.

After delivery, do not disturb the maternity box, especially if it’s the first pregnancy of a cat. Some mother cats, if they are disturbed, will attack those in the room or even eat their young during the first few days after birth. Of course, each cat is an individual and many will be happy to have you around as long as you are quiet and gentle, so play it by ear. Clean the box after the third day.

What signs a pregnant cat shows:

Whenever you notice that your cat is walking slowly and stops suddenly then you must understand this is the initial stage of cat pregnancy. This is the first gesture when there is a cat pregnancy.

  • Secondly, you can notice a change in her nipples; they will grow and will change in reddish or pinkish color.
    You can even see a change in her diet that will increase several times before.
  • These are some signs that show cat pregnancy. Apart from this, you will see that there may be chances that she will vomit as any human mother do.

You can notice that around the fifth week of the pregnancy of the cat, there will be an increase in her abdomen.
These all change point towards one side the cat carrying fetuses in her stomach. The cat now needs more love and affection. Don’t worry about your cat’s pregnancy. You can concern your nearby veterinarian who can take care of her through regular check-ups and your veterinarian will take care of all complications of the cat during delivery.

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