Cat Internal Parasite Control

Cat Internal Parasite Control

All animals harbor internal parasites at one time or other, and the cat is no exception. Some internal parasites are beneficial. Others, such as worms and protozoa, are harmful and cause considerable damage and sometimes death. Of these two major internal parasites which infest cats, worms are the more common and troublesome.

Every cat owner should know something about the life cycles, method of entry, and control of intestinal parasites. There are specific drugs or vermicides for expelling worms and protozoa, but cats can be reinfected at any time. Only by destroying the life cycle of these pests can an effective control Program be carried out.

An important group of intestinal parasites infecting the cat are the protozoa: small, microscopic organisms found in cats of all ages.

It may not be possible for you to prevent your cat from becoming infected with worms and protozoa, but you can reduce the hazard through good sanitation. A periodic examination of the cat’s stool by the vet is another good preventive measure.

Internal parasites will cause less trouble and complications when infestations are detected early and treatment administered promptly.

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