Cat Foreign Objects

Cat Foreign Objects

Cats (especially kittens) can chew and swallow enough paraphernalia to stock a moderate-sized department store. If your cat has swallowed a foreign object and is vomiting or attempting to vomit, coughing, bleeding from body openings, or having abdominal pain or breathing problems, a blockage or perforation of the digestive tract (esophagus, stomach, or intestine) may have occurred. See your veterinarian immediately.

Cat Foreign Objects Home Remedies

You will usually need veterinary assistance. If you cannot reach a doctor, feed your cat a large meal of cat food and bread or cotton balls soaked in milk or broth to coat the object and cushion its passage through the digestive tract so that it passes out in a bowel movement without causing injury. This is especially important if you suspect that a pin or piece of glass has been swallowed. Check with your doctor as soon as possible and check the feces daily for the object.

Cat Foreign Objects Treatment

Your doctor may take plain X-rays, do a barium series, or do an ultrasound to determine

the position of the foreign object. Surgery is necessary if the foreign object is too large or too sharp to pass out in the feces. Sometimes doctors can remove foreign bodies in the esophagus or stomach without surgery, by using scopes. However, these are very expensive instruments and are usually available only at university veterinary medical centers or some central hospitals.

Some doctors will expect the object to pass with no problem and will discharge your cat with instructions to check the feces daily.


Do not give your cat chewable toys that are small enough to be swallowed or toys that may splinter. Keep string and yarn away from kittens (a string obstruction of the intestine is a very serious surgical emergency). Do not give your pet bones to chew, because they are also a frequent cause of digestive inflammation and obstruction. Watch your kittens carefully during the teething stage, because anything is “fair game” for swallowing. If you have a young child and kitten in the house, you have double trouble – you need four eyes. After a play period, be sure that all your child’s playthings are accounted for and have not been chewed by your pet. After sewing, account for all threads and needles.

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