Cat Euthanasia

Cat Euthanasia

This is the hardest decision to make. All life is precious, but euthanasia has its time and place. If your cat has an incurable disease or is vicious and dangerous, euthanasia is usually recommended. An intravenous overdose of an anesthetic that is fast and painless is used.

Many owners want to be present when their pet is “put to sleep,” and most veterinarians will assent. Although the injection is fast and painless, you should be aware that there are involuntary reflexes for a few minutes after your pet has departed.

Albert Schweitzer’s reverence for life was a great influence on me when I was very young. Consequently, I will not euphemize a healthy animal or an animal that has a curable disease. Most veterinarians feel the same way. If you cannot afford the necessary care, discuss it with your veterinarian. He or she may work out a long-term payment plan or may not charge you for the time.

Final arrangements for the remains should be made before euthanasia. Your veterinarian may suggest cremation or a pet cemetery. Many areas have public ordinances against backyard burials.

It’s very hard to lose a pet that has given you love and companionship. But you’ll always have the memories, and as soon as you feel ready, I recommend finding a new family member to share your love with. You’ll be glad you did.

Since the taking of the decision of euthanizing your cat is quite difficult the following information on the probable reasons for performing euthanasia on pets can be helpful for you.

Reasons for Cat Euthanasia

  • The failure of the internal organs of the cat can force the owner to decide on euthanasia. Due to the malfunctioning of the body’s internal organs toxic substances began to grow to lead to the slow and very painful death of the cat.
  • If the cat has become vicious, unmanageable, harmful to others, and has no possibility of re-home, the decision of euthanasia can be taken up by the owner.
  • If the cat becomes too weak to walk and even fail to reach his litter box or the feeding bowl due to repeated incidence of diseases, euthanasia can be an option for the cat to get rid of the pain.
  • If the cat happens to be suffering from a fatal infection again and again and with every attack of the infectious disease the body of the pet becomes less responsive to the medicines, and the cat may be taken for euthanasia.
    Due to an accident or in gradual stages, if the cat receives fatal and incurable injuries, it would be wise on your part to take the cat for the ultimate sleep.
  • Sometimes a kitten might be born with defects that are not rectifiable even in adulthood or through surgery and rather the defect compromises the quality of life of the cat severely, it would be ideal for the cat to go for euthanasia.
  • Neurological disorders in cats may often lead to incurable behavioral problems like aggression and cause injury to humans as well as to other pets in the household. The Euthanasia of the cat can then be the consequent action taken by the owner.

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