Cat Ear Problems

Cat Ear Problems

Ear troubles can make your cat miserable. Infection of the outer ear, cankers, blood tumors (hematoma), parasites, and insect bites and stings are the more common ear ailments of cats.


An ear canker may be caused by infection or Parasites. It is characterized by an accumulation of foul-smelling wax in scabs and the cat shakes its head and paws at its ears, all of which aggravate the condition.

You can relieve the discomfort by washing the canker with mild soap and water. Use absorbent clean cotton and wash off the scabs or crusts. Next, dip cotton into mineral or sesame oil and gently swab the affected parts of the ear. Do not penetrate too far into the cat’s ear canal or you may damage the eardrum.

Apply the oil only to tithe parts of the ear canal that you can see. After the oil has been applied, dust the ear with an antiseptic powder. If the canker persists, consult your veterinary surgeon.


Blood tumors, or hematomas, can lead to serious ear troubles if neglected. A hematoma usually forms between the skin and the ear cartilage and often follows an injury. The symptoms include pawing at the ears, shaking the head, a very soft swelling inside or outside the ear, pain or sensitivity when touched, and heat in all affected parts. They will actually feel very hot. Hematomas cannot be adequately treated at your home. They require surgical drainage. Take the cat to the vet.


Many cats become infested with very small, barely visible ear mites, which get into the outer ear canal. They can lead to very serious ear trouble and should be treated by the vet.

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