Cat Ear Mites

Cat Ear Mites

Ear mites are mall parasites that congregate in the cat’s ears. They work their way down the outer ear canal and feed on the tissue juices. Ear mites abuse a crumbly wax formation, which can be easily distinguished from normal wax. Actually, the wax formation caused by bear mites is comp seed partly of wax and partly of scabs. Ear mites are irritating to a cat.

Cats-infested ear mites continually shake their heads or paw at their ears. This vigorous shaking of the head is one way by which these parasites are transmitted from one cat to another. When the cat shakes his head, some of the ear mites fly out. Also, cats sometimes scratch their ears so violently that they cause blood tumors or hematomas. Ear mites are usually easy to eliminate when they have, not been allowed to burrow deep into the cat’s ears. It is best to let a veterinary surgeon treat the cat.

However, you can provide some relief by removing any thick crusts on the cat’s ears. Soak a cotton swab in dilute hydrogen peroxide and soften the crusts. Do not probe too deeply into the cat’s ears; also, have someone help restrain the cat) since the ears are very sensitive to touch. Next, apply some light vegetable oil to the affected parts. Then take the cat to a vet for further treatment.

Bear in mind that the cat may shake ear mites onto the floor, rugs, or furniture and be reinvested. It is wise to treat the floor, rugs, and furniture with a safe insecticide. It may be necessary to repeat the treatment both of the cat and the premises several times.

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