Cat Chemical Burn

Cat Chemical Burn

Many household products such as detergents (dishwasher and laundry) and oven drain or toilet bowl cleaners can cause chemical burns to the skin or eyes. Mace can also cause severe burns.

Cat Chemical Burn Home Remedies

Wash the affected area with a steady stream of fresh water – preferably with a hose or hose attachment in the sink or bathtub. Do not touch the substance yourself, and do not spread it further over your cat’s body.

Dacriose, a sterile eyewash, can also be used to wash away the chemical from your cat’s eyes. A rinse (one quart of water and one teaspoon of baking soda) can be used with acids (toilet bowl cleaner, mace) but not alkalis (drain cleaners).

Cat Chemical Burn Treatment

For alkali burns, thirty minutes of rinsing may be necessary. Severe chemical burns may require hourly administrations of medication.

Chemical burns are different from thermal burns. Generally, a cat gets affected by chemical burns when it licks or ingests a corrosive chemical in the form of bleach or disinfectants. In most cases, chemical burns occur in the tongue and the upper part of the esophagus. Chemical burns can not be easily detected as many times the symptoms of the burn start showing up several hours after the chemical action starts.

Immediate treatment would help your cat to remove the burn as early as possible. For diagnosing cat chemical burns the following are some of the clinical ways to determine the incidence and the intensity of the burn.

Cat Chemical Burn Diagnose

You may detect the possibility of the occurrence of a cat’s chemical burns by noting certain behavioral changes in your dear cat. The symptoms like not finding any interest in eating, continually drooling and swollenness of the tongue can be due to the chemical burn. If you find the cat is always up to swallowing instead of grinding the food in the mouth and putting its paw inside the mouth, may also indicate the incidence of burns.

There are no definite tests to determine the occurrence of chemical burns. A close examination of the burn may help to determine the severity of the burn. A burnt skin surface of the tongue would have a white surface with red raw edges. The white skin is the soft tissue that has been exposed due to burning.

For chronic cases, endoscopy and sedation are usually conducted to detect the degree of severity of the burn. The endoscope is a tube that is inserted into the stomach through the mouth and the esophagus. With the help of the endoscope, the vet doctors can visualize the inside of the stomach and the esophagus and may find out the intensity of the burn without carrying out any surgical operation.

The moment you realize the chemical burnt inside the mouth of the cat you are recommended to flush out the chemical from the mouth of the cat with the help of water. This would help to reduce the extent of the damage caused by the burn. If the burn is mild cleaning the mouth with Glyoxide on regular basis is also quite helpful.

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