Cat Bitten by Dog

Cat Bitten by Dog

We all take care of our pets just like other family member. But most of the time like our own kids we do not have control over their interaction with fellow beings. A cat bitten by dogs is a common phenomenon. Just like dog bites are risky for human beings so are they for cats. So all the cat owners have to be careful and try to keep pet cats away from dogs either at home or on the streets.

Cats and dogs being hostile to each other are very common. Dogs have the predominant desire to prey, hunt, and chase weaker species like rabbits and cats. So whenever a dog sees a cat it is urged to chase, grab, and scratch the meeker species. Cats also since the time they are born have the habit of running away in defense even before the dogs start chasing them. However, in most cases, dogs overpower cats and bite them after defeating them in a good long chase.

We as pet owners have gotten somewhat used to the idea that cats and dogs by nature will not get along and need to be kept apart. Most of the owners do not take the risk of taming cats and dogs in the same house. It is especially not a great idea to put together a kitten and dog, as kittens are more vulnerable.

Moreover, the chances of a cat being bitten by a dog are quite high as these two creatures frequently fight over food, owner’s love, and ego clashes. So what to watch out for when a cat is being bitten by a dog?

Any animal bite can be dangerous as saliva has bacteria and is potent in causing bacterial infection after the bites. It is advisable to take the cat immediately to the veterinarian once you discover that the cat is bitten by a dog. What at first might appear as a small puncture on the skin can become a severe wound with the passage of time and thus a doctor’s examination is a must. But before you rush to the doctor definitely give some first aid to the cat.

  1. First aid measure when the cat is bitten by a dog:
  2. Immediately wash the wound with plenty of warm water. The idea is to remove saliva and its bacterial effect as much as one can.
  3. If the cat is excessively bleeding tie a clean piece of cloth or gauze to hold the blood.
  4. If you plan to take the cat to a veterinarian after a while then watch out for signs like swelling, breathing difficulty, dizziness, and other life-threatening symptoms.
  5. If you have iodine or chlorhexidine at home then apply it to the wound to lessen bacterial growth.
  6. If the cat is hurt at a sensitive part of the body like the eyes, neck, stomach, and so on, then it better rush to the emergency.
  7. It is better to take the cat within 12 hours of the bite so that the severity can be reduced.

Once the cat is under veterinary’s supervision the situation will be better controlled. The treatment of a cat bitten by a dog depends on the severity of the wound. The vet’s first and foremost approach is to reduce the severity of bacterial infection that might affect other systems of the cat’s body. The veterinary might decide to drain the wound to stop the further growth of bacteria. If such is the condition then the cat will be first given a sedative and then the rest of the treatment.

The cat will be given antibiotics for drying up the wound and iodine or chlorhexidine for local application in order to disinfect the wound. If the vet feels that the wound is deep or at a sensitive spot like near veins, eyes, or on the neck then the cat will be supervised for a day.

A cat bitten by a dog is common though dangerous for the pet. Cats are sensitive creatures and vulnerable too, so owners must be careful.

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