Cat and Skunk

Cat and Skunk

You will become a truly seasoned pet owner the day your cat comes home looking like a cat but smelling like a skunk. And you may not have to wait long: kittens are more curious about skunks than adult cats.

How to Remove Skunk Smell from a Cat

Before you begin to make your cat “de-scent,” put on a pair of rubber gloves. Wash your cat’s eyes with warm water, and bathe its entire body with soap and water. Towel dry and soak your cat with tomato juice (you can add a little diluted lemon juice). You can also use a vinegar and water solution (1 pint of vinegar in 1 gallon of water). This whole process may have to be repeated a few times.

Throw away your cat’s collar – you’ll never get the smell out of it.

If your cat’s eyes are extremely irritated, your doctor will flush them with sterile water. The cornea will be examined for damage. An eye antibiotic (with or without steroids) will be dispensed.

The following are the steps to remove the spray of a skunk from the body of your cat.

  • First, arrange for a tub and assemble de-skunking materials like shampoo, eye wash solution, cans of tomato juice, and containers for mixing the materials. Instead of tomato juice, you may also Massengil douche powder mixed with water. You are also advised to keep several sets of towels with you.
  • Examine the eyes of the cat. The eyes are quite painful if they are red in color or watery in appearance. Rinse the eyes properly by using the eye cleansing solution.
  • Apply de-skunk shampoo and make a good lather. Try to massage the entire body of the pet well.
  • They wash the lather by using water of normal body temperature.
  • Then apply de-shampoo and massage the body again.
  • Dry the body of the cat with the towel again and again.
  • After drying the body, apply the tomato juice and soak the body of your pet kitty completely in it. Massage the entire body of the cat very slowly. Rinse the facial region very gently and avoid the eyes.
  • Keep the kitty soaked in juice unattended for at least 10 to 20 minutes.
  • They wash the body of the cat with warm water and apply the normal cat shampoo.

In case the odor remains repeat the process of de-skunking several times until the smell does not vanish. Keep drying the cat several times with a towel repeatedly. You are recommended not to repeat the process of de-skunking more than 11 times depending upon your cat’s tolerance level.

If your cat has light-colored fur, use Massengill power to avoid the staining of the fur. You may have to repeat the process of de-skunking your cat several times and even for a continuous period of a couple of weeks. To avoid the spread of the odor inside your house you are advised to perform the cleaning and washing process outdoors. But if the weather is not favorable the cleansing has to be done indoors for the wellbeing of the pet.

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