Cameo Cat Breed

Cameo Cat Breed

A relative newcomer, the Cameo cat was developed in the 1950s by crossbreeding Smoke and Tortoiseshell Persians. It has a white undercoat that is tipped with cream, red, and tortoiseshell, or tabby in one of three ways:

Shell Cameo’s fur has very short color tipping on the end of each hair that gives the coat a cloudy appearance. Shaded Cameos have tipping that extends further down each hair which renders a dazzling sheen to the coat. And Smoke Cameos have very long tips that hide the white undercoat until the cat is in motion.

The colors and tip types combine to produce eight recognized varieties of the Cameo Persian, Cream Shell Cameo has short cream tips. Red Shell Cameo has short red tips. Cream Shaded Cameo has medium cream tips. Red Shaded Cameo has medium red tips. Cream Smoke Cameo has long cream tips. Red Smoke Cameo has long red tips. Cameo Tabby has cream and red trips of any length. Cameo Tortoiseshell has red, cream, and black tips of any length. In all eight varieties, the eyes could be copper.

Cameo cats are affectionate cats, like most Longhairs. They are quick to recognize who will treat them gently and with kindness and will respond most lovingly to those individuals. Other cats are generally welcome in the home, and the Cameo cat usually keeps its claws retracted. Skilled mousers, enjoy some outdoor time, but they are equally happy in a small flat.

Their coats have not lost the thick, dense, silky feel of the classic Persian, complete with the full frill about the neck and shoulders. A solid, stocky body and short, thick legs from a typical Persian frame. large, round paws and a bushy, short tail, ending in a plume, complete the picture.

Potential pedigree faults include too little hair, too thin a body, a difference in tail coloration, an elongated muzzle, and ears that are too close together.

Intensive brushing with a soft-bristle brush is needed daily to prevent matting in the fur. The tail, a target for fleas, needs particular attention. Dry shampoo should be used regularly. Meat with cooked rice and vegetables is the basis for a balanced diet but should supplement with a multivitamin, particularly in the cat’s first 12 months. Like most Persians, the Cameos will overeat if allowed to do so.

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