Black-footed Cat

Black-footed Cat

Species name: Felis nigripes

Other names: Small Spotted Cat (English); Schwarzfusskatze (German); miershooptier (Afrikaans); tutchu (Naron Bushman – Botswana)

Description: A very tiny felid, the Black-footed Cat is a great survivor. Weighing less than an average house cat, the Black-footed Cat is not only fierce but able to survive without water for a long time. It can live on moisture from its food, which includes mice, gerbils, and insects The smallest of the African cats, the Black0fiited Cat is named after the black underpads on its feet.

The rest of the cat is a matte golden color marked with dark spots or bands. Thriving in dry parts of Botswana, Namibia, and South Africa, the Black-footed Cat has a unique “meow” that lets males and females find each other.

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